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Megatron x Soundwave Chapter 3
    Starscream figured that if he was ever going to be the Decepticon leader, he would not only have to take down MEGATRON, but SOUNDWAVE as well. The Seeker couldn't even stand next to Megatron without Soundwave eyeing him like he was Meg's guardian or something.
    "Soundwave has been very protective of Megatron lately..." Thundercracker observed.
    "I've noticed," growled Starscream as he glared at Soundwave, who was currently deep in conversation with the leader.
    "Haha! Now Megatron needs a guard to protect him so he doesn't get hurt!" taunted Skywarp. "How pathetic!"
    "Don't speak so lowly of Lord Megatron," sneered Thundercracker,  punching him right in the face. Skywarp fell to the ground.
    "But seriously!" insisted Skywarp from the floor. He stood up, a bit dizzy. "What if something happened to Soundwave? Who would protect Megatron?"
    Starscream's red optics glistened suddenly with inspir
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Megatron x Soundwave Chapter 2
    Megatron turned and quickly left the room in order to escape all of the confused stares from his fellow Decepticons. Retreating to his room, he shut the door to ensure that no one would see his current state.      
    Everyone else went back to what they had been doing before Starscream had attacked Megatron. Well, everyone except Soundwave. The blue mech continued to stare after Megatron, even once he had disappeared from view.      
    'Perhaps I should talk to him,' Soundwave thought to himself with concern. He was very worried about Megatron; Soundwave hated to see the silver mech so upset. Soundwave started down the corridor after Megatron, Ravage running alongside him. Unfortunately, Soundwave had been caught sneaking away by a rather annoying Seeker.      
    "And just where are YOU going, SoundDOLT?" Soundwave recognised that voice as Starscream's.  
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Megatron x Soundwave Chapter One
    The Decepticon ship soared through the air on the planet Earth. It was just another regular, sunny day outside. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There weren't even any Autobrats around. Yep. Everything was normal...
    LOL, I LIED.
    One blast from Starscream's guns sent Megatron flying against the wall. His helm hit against the wall with so much force that he was almost knocked offline.
    "YES!!" shrieked the traitorous Seeker. "MEGATRON HAS FALLEN!! I AM THE NEW LEADER OF THE DECEPTI---"
    "Traitor," said Soundwave in his monotone voice, slamming his servo against Starscream's helm, knocking him to the floor. Soundwave walked up to Megatron, who was struggling to his feet, his optics flickering.
    "What on Primus, Starscream?!" he hissed, seething with rage as Soundwave helped the disoriented Decepticon up. Megatron turned to look at Soundwave. "Thanks, Soundwave."
    Soundwave froze. He didn't kno
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I want to write a Transformers G1 comic, but I wasn't sure what to make it about. Omega-knight01 (who is really awesome) suggested something about Soundwave. So maybe it could be a Megatron x Soundwave thing or something, and Starscream is jealous and wants Megatron, but I'm not quite sure where to go with this. MAybe Soundwave should be the main character.

I wanna make it a comic, but maybe I should write a fanfiction version of it.


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I am a total nerd, I love the Transformers. especially generation 1! I am facing an internal conflict: am I an Autobot...or a Deception XD



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Omega-Knight01 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016… this is the comic my friend did based on my TT mermech fic
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